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ice shower

ice shower

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  • easy setup in any shower
  • stress and anxiety relief
  • no more bulky ice baths
  • worldwide shipping
  • easy setup
  • 30-day-trial

do you want to reap the benefits of cold water?

Do you crave the invigorating rush of a truly cold shower, but your regular shower just doesn't cut it?

Most showers only go down to 60°F (15°C), leaving you feeling unsatisfied and missing out on the full benefits of cold exposure.

You want that energizing, mood-boosting experience, but your shower isn't cold enough to deliver.

relieve your stress & improve mental clarity

Without water below 50°F (10°C), you're not getting the real cold therapy benefits.

Your body isn't shocked into that refreshing, awakening state.

You're left feeling like you're just going through the motions, missing out on the stress relief, improved circulation, and mental clarity that a genuinely cold shower can provide. 

daily cold exposure made easy

Our cold water shower cools your water to an optimal 32-45°F (0-7°C), giving you the full, invigorating cold exposure experience.

Easy to install with a sticky hook, it transforms any shower into a personal cold therapy station.

Join thousands who are boosting their resilience and well-being with refreshingly cold showers.

Embrace the chill and feel the difference in your body and mind!

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questions? we got answers.

Is it hard to install?

Not at all! Just stick the hook to your shower wall and connect the device below your showerhead.

How cold does it really get?

It cools water to between 32-45°F (0-7°C), much colder than a regular shower.

Will it work with my shower?

Yes, it's designed to fit most standard showers.

How long should I use it for?

Start with short bursts and gradually increase as you get used to it. Listen to your body.

Can it help with stress?

Many users report feeling less stressed and more energized after cold showers.